How i get inspired

Find an idea for a project can be sometimes a real problem, today I will let you know how I found for myself inspiration, I know that inspiration depends on the person you are, maybe this  article will help you.

Thanks to the genius person  who invented Pinterest which is my favorite website, I seriously spend my days on this website which I find it really cool and relaxing there are beautiful pictures with good quality for some is just a real pleasure spending time here look at the photography, create a board and find pins. Pinterest is the place where I find so much inspiration, the photography is very diverse and if you are working or looking for something especially you will definitely find pins might interest you. 

The other website I love to find inspiration is Vimeo I find always a video that boosts myself to create new things. Vimeo plays a big role when I create my short film for my baccalaureate, lot of director post their videos there and the quality is just insane. Youtube is also a place where I find inspiration I love watching the video of Claire Marshall, Jenn Im or Samantha Maria. Let me know in the comment down below if you have a favorite Youtuber.

As a little blogger, you probably guess that I love books about fashion, the collector one, the one with a beautiful and hard cover. You find famous photographer pictures and the information you need. 

Bloglovin' is the best place for a blogger to find the post, the blog or the blogger that interest you. Most of the time the picture from Bloglovin' are really good and very inspirational.

And to finish, of course, music. I love listening to my music on Spotify because the player is accessible everywhere on the laptop and also on your mobile. Create playlist are so much easier on Spotify you should download the app if you haven’t done yet.

I hope this article will help you to find inspiration.♡

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